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Be careful of the fads... Solving the puzzle.

Forget the fads! Exploring what is right for you.

Are you weary of not finding best way to go about your situation? or the quickest? Is your immediate thought to go to the Google machine to search for answers only to fall right back into what you’re struggling with? The uncertainty is real and the latest fads or Internet ideas may even lead you to more confusion.

Are you fascinated by the idea that you can get out of this epidemic: Pornography, Sexual Addiction or leading a hidden lie of any addiction or betrayal. Are you looking for a quick answer to get beyond a life of denial and avoidance?

IF any of this information has sent your wheels spinning or you think a friend or family member is in need of support with a pornography or sex addiction, I would encourage to keep reading.


  • Every second 28,258 people type in porn into the Internet

  • Every second $3,074.65 is being spent on pornography on the Internet

  • 40 million Americans are watching pornography via a smart phone

  • 1 in 4 women are addicted to pornography

  • Potentially upwards of 250,000 people could be considered “porn addicts”

See one of the most startling things is the numbers. However that is not what I want to write about today. What I want to share is the sheer value YOUR courage brings to fighting pornography and sex addiction. Challenge yourself to think differently.

Forget the fads: Stick to the basics.

Be mindful of the Internet fads. It’s simple they offer you a quick way to quit, they come from the Internet and offer you the tricks and the solutions only to keep you hooked into the computer and the Internet. Actually, I learned many of the “phishing” scams of asking you if you want help, mindboggling enough are owned and run by porn companies. Ultimately, leading people right back to the images that run them. Right back to porn or sexually graphic material. Here are a couple ways to stick with the basics.

  • Start writing in an old school journal

  • Challenge yourself to change your rituals

Step away from the Smart Phone… Yes I said it!

One of the biggest pitfalls is a person that gets really excited about quitting pornography only to put conditions of all the reasons why they need this or that. The computer 24/7. Even scarier is talking to them about the idea of building a new relationship with their phone. This is where the rubber meets the road. Can you radically change your lifestyle with technology? I am sorry I am not getting calls from people with a intense magazine pornography issue. I truly think the technology and most importantly the phone is at least 60 percent of the battle. When you start working with me one of the first things we will do is start talking about using a phone for what it is meant for....

Here are some other things you will discover when you start working with me.

  • A deeper respect for yourself and your work ethic

  • A space to feel safe and not judged

  • An opportunity to have a coach and a guide to talk with

  • A change in the way you look at sexuality and our culture

Ultimately, you will reclaim your life, get back what is rightfully yours and most importantly love yourself again. Take a chance this New Year by radically changing the way you see your relationship not only with pornography but also with technology.

Forget the fad and challenge yourself to be courageous and talk about this issue.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a sex therapist that specializes in helping adolescents and adults fighting with the epidemics of pornography and sex addiction. Please contact him at 952-261-5269 or email any questions at 30 -Complementary consultations via telephone are available.

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