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Understanding Your Inner Healer Within Therapy

Therapy is not just about coming into an office to let things out by talking about it. Rather I believe with the appropriate environment and mindset it can transform anyone willing to go through the therapeutic process. Moreover, I believe the client to have an inner source, compass and dare I say inner healer that will be uncovered.

Awareness itself is a healing power. With awareness, I am bringing attention to consciousness. We have to become aware of something before we can transform it or get a real benefit from it. I use the term inner healer, as the power in us might be a soul, the advanced self, whatever something that has our complete best interest at heart. The inner healer is responsible for letting us know what needs to be worked on or healed in order to reach our highest and best self.

Throughout therapy everyone comes in with a potential concern or conflict to resolve. I am not suggesting there is no need for talking it out or simply to resolve conflict by trusting your inner healer. Rather I am offering the contrary. By using therapy and the therapy space to cultivate your inner healer through talk therapy, experiential work and developing your higher self with the help of a therapist.

I believe we find universal truths to be sudden understandings that might be a paradox and feel as if they come on fast but really take developing. By learning to grow one’s inner healer’s voice, one is innately directed to uncovering not only a deeper sense of awareness of oneself, but also a consciousness of an awareness of the opportunity to heal.

True authenticity I believe is an “inside job” and with the support of a therapist or guide and development of your inner healer through these exercises you will find clarity transformation totally within yourself.

First, the more of our self-imposed limitations we can release, the more freedom we have. For example, we all have seen the little girls or boys that just own the shit out of their wardrobe, be it a glammed out tutu or a rocking Mohawk. Children are amazing at teaching us how to get out of our own way. You will be able to make an authentic connection to how experiences of freedom will heal you deeply.

Secondly, actively finding your inner flow through an activity develops wholeness. It is difficult to explain in words the experience of moving toward wholeness through the working with the inner healer and an inner flow. For example, imagine being lost in an activity such as art or athletics and before you know it things just happen. The picture comes to you or the game becomes slower. Being in the inner flow connects to your inner healer. Start to explore what you love to do.

Lastly, play with doing things completely nonlinear, nonrational, embodied, instinctual. This is a symbolic way of experiencing and framing the world, with an easing out of the habit making understanding linear, logical and discrete or separate. For example, go into the forest and sit with your eyes closed, and maybe even start walking backwards in the woods. Tell me-- how does that feel? Explore the non-ordinary.

Connecting with your inner healer on your own and then discussing it with your trained therapist will broaden your horizon. Your limits are endless. This is why I encourage non-ordinary states of consciousness provide one of the most fruitful and common modes for connecting with your inner healer, because in those states of consciousness, the most analytical and rational aspects of your consciousness are put into the back seat.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a doctor of psychology who engages in teaching, guiding and supporting his clients in developing authenticity through finding their inner self. You can contact Ryan at 952-261-5269 or email him for a complementary consultation at

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