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The State of Psychedelics

It’s important to walk gently when talking about all things psychedelic. It is a very polarizing subject matter even within the psychedelic community itself. The history of this movement does not start here and now. That is fucking arrogant and very ignorant to think; as a matter of fact it also did not start in the late 1940’s with the synthesizing of LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide). All this to say between the venture capitalists, the politicians and the groups trying to take ownership of this work… Please practice some restraint and patience in moving this ball down the field so fast. There is a temptation to blow the lid off this work to provide it to everyone, yet I don’t believe everyone is ready to hear this, let alone experience it. Now don’t get me wrong. This is sounding a little “gatekeeper-IE” yes; I have a 1 year old. I am not the gatekeeper. I don’t pretend to be the gatekeeper. I do not think anyone should be the gatekeeper.

Let me provide you with a random psychedelic tangent for you to consider this week.


The discovery of psychedelics spawned several new age movements related to how Americans view spirituality. The development of man-made psychedelics altered the counter-culture movement and left an enduring influence on the way Americans approached spirituality. The Psychedelic Movement left an imprint on America due to the transcendent effects of the drugs, exchanged knowledge due to its medicinal use, and the creativity of the drug inspired among America’s counter culture.

Since the use of psychedelics brought in a variety of new and fascinating effects, it left a trademark on America and its culture.

Medicinal use of psychedelics gave individuals with disorders a bunch of benefits along with zero negative side effects. The fact that psychedelics helped individuals improve their health, doctors became much more motivated to continue their research on the substance.

Just Saying.

I really try to keep the information I present as largely opinionated with a large dash of both experience I have had and facts I have learned. Furthermore, the name of my practice says it all, and I truly mean it when I say; " I hope you're able to have a spiritual experience in this human existence. With all that said, here is some food for thought regarding whats going on in the psychedelic world.

Polarity In Colorado

This Tuesday, Coloradoans will vote on Proposition 122, also identified as the Natural Medicine Health Act, which would establish psilocybin services in the state and leave the door open to other services using other naturally occurring psychedelics in the future. The ballot initiative also decreases penalties for possession, use, and sharing of psilocybin and psilocin, DMT, ibogaine, and mescaline (but not peyote). The initiative has been contentious since its inception.

Colorado Public Radio reports on the growing opposition on the ballot initiative. Last week, a group of thirty Colorado elected officials, including the state’s attorney general, released a statement urging voters to reject it, and a new group called Protect Colorado’s Kids has targeted voters in four counties in the Denver metro area with online ads and texts. Colorado Public Radio also reports that therapists who already provide ketamine therapy are torn about the new initiative.

Furthermore, the ballot initiative could lead to the surveillance of people who use psychedelics. The initiative requires the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) – Yes, I too thought it was DORA the explorer, but alas, no Boots, no Swiper, remember I have children. To collect sensitive information about clients’ psychedelic experiences at healing centers, which would be a gold mine of psychological data unavailable elsewhere, and a tantalizing prize for advertisers and pharmaceutical companies. Boys and Girls can you repeat after me…Holy Fuck… There goes your privacy.

Update in Oregon: Psychedelic Privacy

The data privacy concerns also apply to Oregon’s Measure 109. The Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board recommended adding privacy protections, like a Client Bill of Rights and a document to obtain informed consent from those seeking psilocybin services. But, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) overruled the board and obliterated data protections in the Client Bill of Rights without explanation. An announcement about OHA whether people could decline to share their data, the agency’s communications officer declined to answer and referred to a new set of rules to be published by the agency on November 1. Those rules have now been released, and the public can provide comments on them through November 21. In a statement released to the public it points out that in those rules, OHA will deny service to those who decline to share their data.

SO… What Do You Think?

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Dr. Ryan Westrum is a clinical transpersonal psychologist who studies and guides in all things spiritual from DreamWork groups, integrating psychedelics to preparing the next mystery beyond death. You can reach him by emailing him at


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