Your Weekend Sexperiment

Back by popular demand…Healing Souls: Weekend Sexperiment!!! In the past couple weeks I have witnessed an increase in requests to learn more about intimacy. Just like balancing the checkbook, we never learned how to create intimacy, what intimacy looks like, and when is a good time for intimacy. Another request I had was: What do we do if we are too tired? One couple has kids, one couple is struggling with a new career and the other just feels a need to learn how do we make time. Rundown and too tired for sex? This weekend’s Healing Souls Sexperiement: I have one extraordinarily effective technique for guaranteeing that you actually have the energy to be intimate with your partner. Even

The Big Reset

The 2-day fast, 7 day cleanse or 30 day challenge. With all the new information being shared over the Internet it is the best time to explore transforming and evaluating your personal habits. It is no different if you want to quit pornography. Current content written on addiction can translate into anything from quitting coffee to learning about your relationship with pornography. Specifically, when you reflect upon what it takes to make the big leap, your willpower for quitting is the start, and then there are some fundamental questions you should ask yourself. By asking these questions you will be able to simultaneously reset and incorporate valuable personal knowledge to conquer thi

Is Your Partner Jealous?

As a marriage and family therapist that is a doctor of psychology my focus is on sexual trauma, sex addiction, porn addiction and most importantly sexual health. On the eve of a romantic holiday I am compelled to talk about a polarizing topic for many people. Intimacy and jealousy. These all too often go hand in hand or been understood as one or the other. The following are key points to better understanding the value of true intimacy and secure a better grip on our jealous tendencies. Becoming close to another person is one of the most vulnerable things a person can do. It’s both the foundation of emotional security and a gateway to self-expansion. Intimacy can be used as both a le


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