Don't Run Away From Being Emotionally Intelligent

Steps with Coping with Feelings So what do you do when you start to feel? When you are actively using and avoiding dealing with an addiction or a relationship conflict we are immune to feeling. Understanding and coping with feelings reduces your chance of relapse. Following are steps you can take to help you cope with feelings or emotional states. You can use these steps regardless of the specific emotion you are dealing with. It doesn’t matter if you are in full commitment to work with your addiction or if you are struggling with a lost relationship or painful acceptance of a new dilemma. Step One- Recognize and Label Your Feelings. Don’t deny your feelings because this can cause you m

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed!

Healing Souls Sexperiment: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed! The body is built for pleasure. We are wired with sensory nerves: big and small ones that go through our entire body. This intricate superhighway of nerves sends sensual signals to the body and brain. Sometimes they mislead us. Believing we should not feel this pleasure and sometimes it leads to ecstasy and were ok with it. This is how we come to experience the difference of a gentle breath on the back of our neck, or the smell of stale coffee on someone’s mouth. It is also what brings us pure bliss after an amazing romp with a partner. Our body interprets immense amounts of information about our safety, our state of a

Spring Ahead: Advancing Your Sexual Intimacy

Spring Ahead! Advanced Sexual Intimacy. All to often client’s come into the office with the burning concern I like to call “Sexual Fatigue.” Traditionally the person or couple starts their conversation in a very mild manner talking about exhaustion, depression, stress or simple boredom. More cases then not it leads to talking about utter despair around sex. This can be a startling surprise for many people struggling with intimacy issues as well as taking back their life with pornography addiction. “Sexual Fatigue” does not stereotype. That is why today I am offering 3 solutions to combat “Sexual Fatigue” by springing ahead into an advanced way in seeing sexual intimacy. Being tired i


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