5 tips to help you integrate

Much of my therapeutic practice has a great deal to do with how clients integrate their therapy session. In my mind it is more significant than any aspect of the therapeutic process. My therapy can be broken down into 3 basic elements, which I consider broader ideas that create more specific healing under these fundamental concepts. The 3 basic ideas to working in therapy are, preparation, the session and lastly the integration. By definition integration is the act of combining into a whole. The following is not only how to integrate a therapy session but I would consider a great way to integrate happenings in life. The following is an easy acronym to use as a guide. Follow the R

Breaking Invisible Loyalty: Training the Brain

How valuable is pornography to the brain? When people come into my office, one of the hidden components to the struggle with pornography is their invisible loyalty to the act. The invisible loyalty to pornography lies in the brain. The value that is assigned to an addictive stimulus (pornography) depends on how much dopamine is released when the stimulus (pornography) is encountered. With food dopamine output is 150% of normal production, the widely excepted addictive drug nicotine is 200%, with sexual intercourse increase of dopamine is up to 250% of normal release. With pornography it is upwards of 300% the normal release. There are three things pornography does to the human brain. S


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