Riding the Craving Waves

Creating a Relapse Trigger Inventory Multiple situations can “trigger” a craving or urge to relapse into acting. This can be sexually acting out, unfaithfully or through the Internet. The topic today is all about riding the “craving wave” and exploring your relapse trigger inventory. It is important to actively participate in this exercise, and give yourself permission to fill in all the questions. An inventory is a way to “take stock” or “make a list”. The following is a practical exercise for both people struggling with addiction and those that support them. Exercise 1: Rank each potential relapse situation from most difficult to manage to least difficult to manage. (1 most and 5 lea

Sexual Intimacy: Discovering Desire

Discovering Desire I am a solution focused sex and relationship expert, and often times I am simply someone that wants to help couples find their spark! Today we live in a hectic culture that puts taking the right photo of the experience above living the experience. Sex and desire are no different. I am going to introduce simple ways to start the exploration of establishing and or getting desire back into your relationship. The following are excerpts from my forthcoming workbook: Sexual Intimacy: A Discovery of Sexual Desire. © Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for loving your partner? OR Are you and your partner on different planets when it comes to sex? The follow

Proactive Honesty: Where Did The Time Go?

Being Proactive Honesty: Understanding the Value of 168! We all have been there… You just wanted to check your email, that’s it and 2 hours later all you found was the black hole of the Internet. Over the course of a normal week a teenager spends up to 27 hours a week online (sorry parents this is not on school work!) The average time for an adult is not much different – 20 hours devoted to getting lost in Facebook, Instagram and yes the inevitable pornography. To break it down a little more for the researcher in you, the latest research says, 21 billion individual visits to one particular porn site. 81 billion videos viewed, mathematically this is alittle over 12 videos per person on thi


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