Disconnect to Reconnect - The A, B, C's of detoxing

Last night I spent the 60th day without my iPhone. Getting ready for bed with a combination of cleaning up after dinner with my journal reflecting on a day interacting with clients and my family. No devices to pull at me. I am actively continuing to practice the art of disconnecting to reconnect with my wife, my children, my family and most importantly my life. In some circles it is said we collectively consume up to 270 full Sunday newspapers a day. (For those that don’t remember what the Sunday newspaper looks like – think cartoons). It’s astonishing to think that our days are being spent being locked into the digital world through device addiction, porn addiction and social media “dread s

Reasons to do a digital detox

We’ve all been there randomly lost in a rabbit hole on our device. What gets you the quickest, the phone, tablet, or your computer? When does it take you over? What is the social media app or site you are getting lost in? Can you imagine spending an hour without needing to take a picture of the experience your living, or even better -- can you imagine shutting your phone and computer off for the entire weekend without the worry of missing out or getting lost in. Every Friday in the month of October join me in a digital detox challenge. Email me at ryanwestrum@gmail.com for more details. The Digital Detox A digital detox refers to a period of time when a person refrains from using tech devic


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