Be careful of the fads... Solving the puzzle.

Forget the fads! Exploring what is right for you. Are you weary of not finding best way to go about your situation? or the quickest? Is your immediate thought to go to the Google machine to search for answers only to fall right back into what you’re struggling with? The uncertainty is real and the latest fads or Internet ideas may even lead you to more confusion. Are you fascinated by the idea that you can get out of this epidemic: Pornography, Sexual Addiction or leading a hidden lie of any addiction or betrayal. Are you looking for a quick answer to get beyond a life of denial and avoidance? IF any of this information has sent your wheels spinning or you think a friend or family memb

Trust and the Trust Game

Do you put your toe into the water? Or do you jump in headfirst? Trust is an essential part of any relationship, and even more significant when it comes to relationships that have been full of deceit and betrayal. When you enter into any relationship you are at some level handing over some level of trust to the other person(s) involved. Control plays a role when dealing with trust. Often times I hear stories of people that do not want to trust the person, rather I see them wanting to control the person. Trust is really earned. We all have histories and these experiences do play a key component in how we see trust. You cannot demand or manipulate someone to trust you or fully commit to


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