Shoot for the Moon: How Long Does "It" Take

Edition 102: Estimated Read Time: Less Than 5 Minutes The Incremental Moon Shot One of the questions raised in therapy is—“How long will this take?” My response is traditionally a gentle inquiry back, “How long has it taken to get to where you are?” Some therapists may prescribe the time; they even may prescribe the goals, direction and focus. And traditionally clients will identify and relate with the Moon Shot idea of having the problem quantified and qualified for them before even beginning. Please don’t hear this as avoiding the idea of fast therapy or even being opposed to having a goal or even establishing a game plan. I am actually inviting the opposite no matter what the dilemma,

Writing and the Healing Journey

Edition 101: Estimated Read Time: 5 mins The Ritual of Writing Brings Healing I have been writing ever since I can remember. From the early versions of journals to humorous attempts to be a poet, I have always enjoyed the healing quality of writing. The ritual brings a sense of peace. When I became a psychologist I found writing also became a way to crystalize my thoughts and theories. General Background When I write, I sit silently and focus on my thoughts. Writing is a practice in mindfulness. For people who have trouble sitting still writing can be anxiety provoking and stressful; however, in the depths of healing writing can be the lifeline to start the process in working with anxiet


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