Learn to Integrate your sexual needs.

It’s neither a secret nor a revelation that out culture is over sexualized. I will even say that our society has had a dark history of objectification of sex and specifically objectifying women. Sexuality is used to get our attention, to promote, and to sell. Take one look at the Carl’s Jr. hamburger ads. Men and women alike are inundated with such sexualized images and messages on a daily basis. In my practice, I have found many of the men and women who have issues with sexual compulsion have been taught in a very overt way to view men and women through a sexual lens. This lens is not just being focus on objectifying women from a man, with today’s fluid sexual culture it can definitely

The Art Of Consent

Make Love Not Porn: The true meaning of consent In the art of love making and building intimacy the idea of consent is sometimes assumed. It can even be more alarming to think about when you are in a long-term relationship and you feel like your losing your control. Consent is the permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something, as well as, giving permission to do something. So…. Let me tell a story. I love drinking coffee and tea. I have many different flavors of tea and enjoy a highly caffeinated cup or should I say cups of coffee often. Although, there is a time and place for both of these beverages to be consumed there is also permission to have these drinks too.

Make Love - Not Porn

February 3rd, 2018 Dear Loved Ones: I have noticed you distancing yourself. It’s not like you to be so “standoff-ish”. It makes me wonder what’s going on? I want you to know that I am here for you in whatever you need. Does the start of this letter have a tinge of familiarity? If your on either side of this letter, I want to introduce you to a potential answer... MAKE LOVE NOT PORN! The month of February often coincides with intimacy, compassion, and love. No matter if you’re single or have been in a long-term relationship, you can’t get away from the idea of romance and cupid’s arrow. I am re-introducing makelove-notporn.com: the idea, the movement and the month long practice of dest


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