Weekend Sexperiment: Let the Fireworks Begin!

Creating the fireworks: Making Intimacy Sexy As a sex therapist that works with clients struggling with their relationships as well as many clients dealing with a battle with porn addiction. It is vital to remember hope, and the potential not only for freedom from the darkness of porn but the opportunity to gain a intimate relationship back. When couples dealing with a lack of intimacy due to the inflictions of pornography come into my office. The first thing I mention to them is the myths about porn and instilling hope for a new intimate trusting sex life. So in light of our freedom and independence this 4th of July, I am offering 4 ideas to rekindle your intimacy. A healthy Sexperiment

Finding the Alternative: Addressing the Emotions

When you are struggling with an addiction to pornography or any addiction it is often because you are afraid to look at the underlying emotion behind your pain. Understanding and coping with feelings reduces your chance of relapse. When you follow these steps you can cope with feelings and emotional states you are not comfortable dealing with. The following are 3 coping strategies to cope with feelings underlying pornography addiction. Step 1 – Recognize and label your feelings. First don’t deny your feelings because this can cause more difficulty in the long run. If you’re tired admit to being tired. Feeling overwhelmed, share this feeling with someone. You will start to find “patterns”

Kid's Are Curious Too!

Kids continue to use porn for many different reasons It is the classic story of a young boy playing in the garage and stumbling upon a old crate full of Playboy’s or another pornographic magazine hidden in the bowels of dad or grandpa’s “man cave”. They are instantly flooded with emotions ranging from curiosity, fear, excitement and pure adrenaline. This story is outdated, now it is the child or teenager stumbles upon it due to the graphic nature of the Internet and search engines showing no censorship to what one types into their electronic device. Some people have told me that they became “hooked” on porn from the moment they saw it no matter how young they were, most described moving


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