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My Reflections – Love

I recently found myself bowing deeply to the ground, the Earth, God and all “the things in this material world”. I was watching my wife, daughter, and little son – my family looking down at me as I lay paralyzed by pain – silently showing a combination of a novel “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS” mixed with a humble “YOU HAVE NO – FUCKING CONTROL OVER ANYTHING”! Literally, I had just finished a beautifully challenging experience where I was gifted a cue to pay attention to my body, honor my body and simply be reminded that I have a fucking body to take care of. More on that later…

Fast-forward to three hours later… after an enlightening session were I am dancing, bouncing and doing all the things a dad/papa does with a seven and one year old. It was so fantastic to move, and explore the simple way I was remembering to love this body. hen I am on my back wondering if I am paralyzed, infected with an illness, or dying.

Yes… cut to the death scene… I laugh, I laughed, and having experienced death a handful of times in psychedelic experiences I never predicted or dreamed this one!

Back to watching my family tend to me, as I lay frozen, fearful of the slightest move. In that moment, in that time I didn’t give a fuck about where I was going, if there was a God or, as I like to say, “the next mystery”. I was looking at people I loved and wanted to stay.

It has taken a month, presently, I am doing physical therapy, treatment and now walk without the feeling of not having legs… It feels remarkably peaceful to do all the things.

It’s hard to say this is an overly dramatic story, I am sure you have your own personal story when in a moment things changed.

I shared this personal story to remind you… Love your place in the world, be content in the place you sit in this experience, and by God LOVE the people you are crossing paths with; and most FUCKING importantly LOVE yourself bigger than you can imagine.

Much Love!

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a love warrior – wanting to remind everyone to slow your mind, be kind to others and most of all love yourself and…


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