Weekend Sexperiment: Happy Fall Equinox Enjoying Symbiotic Love

Fall Equinox The daylight and evening is equal in time. Reflects a movement into the northern hemisphere transitioning to winter. (Great time for Hibernating! Or Sexperiments! Symbiotic Involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association. Denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. Healing Souls Sexperiment Safe, Sane and Consensual sexual exploration with your partner. This weeks Healing Souls Sexperiment is to exchange your love, intimacy and desire with your partner. I want to offer you the chance to share your likes, and passion with your partner in the form of what drives you wild in the bedroom. So you might t

Are You Bored? Using ESP In Your Sex!

Learn How to be A Mind Reader! The swear word in my office is “Boredom”! Last week I was sitting in front of an older couple and they were frozen in fear! “I loved the honeymoon! But we are bored now!” They had only been together for 4 months and they were scared. This isn’t just common with older couples either! It can be a married couple for 20 years, young couples who haven’t even been together for 6 months and even partners that are unfamiliar with their desires. The sexual fluidity can come in the heterosexual, homosexual and transsexual lifestyles too! I have polyamorous couples worried about boredom too! Often times I hear this very sentence, it can come in many different ways. “

Understanding Pornography and Infidelity

Pornography Infidelity Pornography: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. Infidelity: Is breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner. That promise can take many forms, from marriage vows sanctified by the state to privately uttered verbal agreements between lovers. As unthinkable as the notion of breaking such bonds may be, infidelity is common. And when it does happen, it raises thorny and painful questions. Should you stay? Can trust be rebuilt? Can you and should you forgive and move on? Pornography and infidelity are not exclusive issu


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