The"Touchy" Screen Subject

Five Idea’s For Friday The Touchscreen Issue: It’s An Epidemic In 2017, with a simple touch of the screen or tap of a key the world is witnessed some 28.5 billion visitors to 1 porn site! Which turns out to be an average of 81 million people per day! With 24.7 billion searches performed on the site this year, there was clearly a lot to find, as this also translates to about 50,000 searches per minute and 800 searches per second. This is also incidentally the same number of hamburgers that McDonalds sells every second, which has nil to do with us but somehow makes the numbers easier to digest? The U.S. was the biggest consumer of porn in the world, with 221 page views per person, beating 2

An Addict's Dilemma: Learning to Understand Empathy

Being out of control in our sex lives or with pornography can lead to major problems. An inability to refrain from connecting outside of the “addicts” person can be a significant issue in overcoming the sexual / pornography addiction epidemic. Two of the questions I ask to the person living with a sexual addiction or pornography addiction are: You know what you want to do… The question is WHY? And HOW are you dealing with what you are doing? I would love to encourage you to take a moment and contemplate these very questions. Be it sex or pornography all to often the person knows what they want; however, they stop at the WHY or HOW is this affecting them or their loved ones. In response to t


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