Observing the Detox – Retox Cycle. Imagine this… You just get done with an amazing workout, glowing from the great detoxifying feeling of sweating it all away. Your body feels amazing, your mind is clear and your self-esteem is thru the roof. Then it comes…. you get home and open the refrigerator and the cookie dough ice cream calls your name, or the invitation is at your doorstep, you go out and indulge in the decadence of drinking and fun. These are just a couple examples of the Detox – Retox cycle. Detoxing being the process or time where the body rids itself of unhealthy or toxic substances or behaviors. Retoxing is generally understood to be the opposite, actually re-toxiifying

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Gaining Control and Perspective There is a force controlling you, com pelling you to make choices that go against your instincts. Pornography can be a force that has catastrophic consequences. A breakdown based on illusions. Who makes you watch? Has anyone ever held a gun to your head and said, “Watch this now!? “ It might feel like that though? Every time you pick the computer or phone instead of your partner or your other needs, you’re taking a conscious decision to avoid your reality and enter into an illusion. You may think now wait, “I don’t even feel in control!” In fact, your choices and decisions are all based off the pornography. Your addiction


The Conversation: EmpowHER© To Use Their Voice. I am wanting, willing and empowered to enter into the dialogue women are facing all over the world regarding sexual abuse, sexual trauma, sexual assault and sexual harassment. There is zero tolerance. Today at this present moment lets bring our attention to the individuals who have been so courageous to share their power and story. Accepting reality that most of us have tasted abuse in some form or another is one thing, but it is an entirely different conversation to begin to learn how to cope, come to terms with the lasting impact, and explore the healing that is necessary to become whole again. Many questions can start to arise with all th

Coping With Difficult Therapy Sessions

Coping With Difficult Therapeutic Sessions Opening up in session can be painful as past issues come to the surface. Sometimes it can feel as if you're back at that time, reliving the pain and it can leave a person feeling very exposed and vulnerable. Sometimes people develop their own coping mechanisms in an attempt to bury the painful issues, and the memories become suppressed. This doesn't mean that the wound is healed, though, and the pain can fester below the surface. Reliving a painful memory, with the help of our time, although painful, can allow a person to process the buried emotions, which can promote healing. After a painful session, it's important that you treat yourself with care


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