Healing Souls Sexperiment: Love is Active

Healing Souls Sexperiment: Love Is An Action. I recently spent time talking with a couple that was experiencing a lack of intimacy. Their question was simple, “What do we do?” After the traditional pause and non-verbal reactions from the couple they continued, “You know what we me… We want to learn how to fall in love again.” This is when I said, “What is love to you?” Fast forward…. many couples talk about how they “feel” in love rather then the "action" of love. This is the main topic of much of the sessions in my office. It doesn’t matter if they are coming in for a pornography addiction or a spiritual development session. Learning how love is an action, and is one of the bigge

Just When You Thought You Knew Them...

It's not just about sex and candy... The Continuum of Pride and Humility. I am a sex therapist. I specialize in people learning to live with a relationship with pornography addiction. I also work intimately with people transitioning genders or contemplating their sexuality. And all too often I also work with couples dealing with the classical concern surrounding communication. I think uncertainty is a built-in feature of all relationships. Yes, it sounds to be grim. However, I say this with hope and certainty no matter what you, your partner or your relationship are coming up against. You must know there is hope in seeking answers. In truth, we never know our partner’s as well as w

Facing the Craving Ledge

Craving Awareness Skills It is unrealistic to think you will no longer have cravings to pornography or sex, let alone think the simulation is going away anytime soon. Your mind and body have adjusted to receiving the pleasure, rewards and regular ritual by now. When you have feelings of fear, anxiety or exhaustion what do you have a tendency to do? When your stomach begins to feel tight and your mind begins to race, what do you do? You may feel the desire to turn to pornography or your sexual addiction. At other times you simply just want to escape, you become preoccupied on how great it would be to get lost in your fantasy. Now is the time to take back what is rightfully yours. The fol


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