What is the solution?

Edition 106: Estimated Read Time - Under 4 minutes. I am always challenging my clients to do something different and I never ask my clients to do anything I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. In this vein, I am going do something different and WAIT FOR IT >>> write my blog in a different way by breaking it into 3 ideas… So fasten your seatbelt… Words to know A skill to practice A solution to use I am going to do this in an enjoyable, educational and easy to understand manner. Words To Know In my office recently many clients have been coming in looking to me to clarify some behaviors. Along the way they have wanted the true definition of the behaviors and words that go with these actions. It’

Diving Deeper...

Ed. 105 -- Estimated Read Time: Under 5 mins Understanding Your Inner Healer Within Therapy Therapy is not just about coming into an office to let things out by talking about it. Rather I believe with the appropriate environment and mindset it can transform anyone willing to go through the therapeutic process. Moreover, I believe the client to have an inner source, compass and dare I say inner healer that will be uncovered. Awareness itself is a healing power. With awareness, I am bringing attention to consciousness. We have to become aware of something before we can transform it or get a real benefit from it. I use the term inner healer, as the power in us might be a soul, the advanced


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