What is Sexual Health?

In today’s society with a barrage of pornography, sexually explicit language both on the television and in music; multiply that with the social media over consuming our culture, it’s no wonder people cannot define what a healthy sexual relationship is. The following is a brief outline of some ideas to start conversations with your partner. At the end of this there is a short questionnaire that will stimulate more reflection around your sexuality. What is healthy sexuality? Healthy sexuality involves recognizing that we are all sexual beings, and celebrating the ways that our sexuality benefits us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Healthy sexuality is positive and enriches our live

The Slow Transformation

Fall equinox When winter hits we see it quickly and clearly in the North Country in the form of blistering cold and the beauty of the white snow. As for autumn many times it is a slow transformation, mild days, shorter evenings and the slow transformation of the fall leaves. As the Fall Equinox approaches, I am drawn to share my thoughts on what this means to us regarding our path towards healing. So many times as the crisp autumn air approaches we find ourselves going down paths that have been hidden by the bounty of summer. Now we find the leaves have fallen and the path is opening to our quest for further answers, healing and discovery. At this very time I am excited to remind us th


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