Gratitude and Intimacy

Gratitude and Intimacy With the holidays soon upon us, it’s that annual time we reflect on all the things we’re thankful for. Family, friends, food, an the opportunity to find gratitude in your intimate connection with your partner… But of course among these things is one of the greatest offerings of all, somebody to share in the pleasures of companionship. And how hot that can really be! Keeping the flame of intimacy burning has a great deal to do with being grateful for what you have. Although, the pilgrimage to pleasure is bursting with two-way streets, there’s much to be said for doing things that show your other half love and compassion. We all know our own desires and fantasies. Are

The Autonomously Driven Companionship

An Automatously Driven Companionship (Yes I am aware it's a mouth full!) It is not my traditional blog to go with out talking about the latest sexual concern nor is my attempt to mesmerize you with philosophical “New Agey” jargon. However, the latest experiences I have been having with clients has made me aware of the deep need to remind people of this idea of “Automatously Driven Companionship”. So what do I mean when I say this? Let me use a story to introduce it to you. A client state’s, “I want to be with my partner, love them and trust that they love me, continue to share our lives and whatever comes with it. AND I want to have my alone time, with the opportunity to long for the

Creating An After Glow thru After Play

The After Play and the After Glow So often times in sessions couples start talking about sexual intimacy issues or concerns. More cases than not we gravitate towards the foreplay, preparation, communication patterns and the sexual act itself when looking for the potential problem. I then shift the conversation and ask -- what happens after sex? What happens after!?!? He goes to sleep, she goes to the shower, What are you talking about? The AFTER PLAY AND THE AFTER GLOW The After Glow is all the intimacy, love, communication and tenderness that are often quickly forgotten. And most importantly I think one of the fundamental dimensions were satisfaction lies. The core understanding is that


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