Pornography Addiction / Sex Addiction Support: Trusting Your Inner Healer

As a sex therapist and addiction specialist, I have the humble experience to hear many stories of people with a tremendous amount of courage. They are looking to reclaim their life back. However, one story habitually comes up: You say, “If you’re an alcoholic and you have 10 years of sobriety, they commend you. If you relapse they feel sorry. With pornography and sex addiction, it’s taboo to talk about it. I / we are left to spin it in our own mind.” Often individuals and couples come in with the clear understanding that you have the insight to change. After an initial conversation it is very apparent that you hold the power around the problem. Frequently, with sex addiction, porn ad

How to Support a Porn Addict

No one goes into partnership with the idea of hurting the other person; however, sometimes situations out of our control happen. Pornography, infidelity and sexual addiction are a grave issue that hurts everyone involved. As you begin to deal with your partner’s addiction, you may find yourself asking, what do I do now? To help you answer those questions, here are 6 important relationship tips to recall as you move forward in your own healing. Tip #1 Seclusion After your learn of your partner’s addiction, one feeling you might experience is wanting to shut people out and isolate yourself. No matter how hard it is, now is not the time to shut people out of your life. Build a support group aro


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