It's All In The Support

Edition 109 -- Time to read less than 4 minutes Creating healthy relationships and support systems. Often times counselors are notorious for emphasizing your relationships with your mother and father were and are of greatest significance. Especially as you created and developed core beliefs and sometimes what are called mistaken beliefs. They are also relationships that have had the greatest influence on how you relate to people today. All this being said, other relationships are also extremely important: those with your spouse or partner(s), your friends and your co-workers. Some of these relationships undoubtedly have been healthy and supportive, and some have been unhealthy and un

Where to Start? What do you want?

Edition 108 -- Estimated read time under 5 minutes When clients come into my office one of the topics that often is brought up is a sense of feeling frozen or blocked. What would it be like to be free from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? What can you do each day to find this kind of inner peace and freedom. Be untethered and truly walk an authentic path. To some those questions may seem rather unreachable or profound, especially if you are in the midst of a crisis, addiction and feeling the pressure to make a choice. Whether this is your first exploration of challenging these questions or you have been on a consistent search of liberation I am going to offer you some tools t

Understanding Sex Addiction

Edition 107: Estimated read time -- 5 minutes This week in sexual news: WHO said what? In the era of smartphones and frictionless-dating apps, sex addiction is like being hooked on a drug that's always available in unlimited supply. I invite you right now to think about where you are – be it work or home and the endless amount of opportunity one could have to engage in pornography, sexual behavior or hyper-arousal. It's like living with a meth dealer at your side, or a brick of cocaine in your pocket. Worse, you can get a potential high from every person you meet. But unlike other addictions, this one isn't officially recognized. There's no health coverage for it, no medication, and for thos


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