Pornography Addiction: 4 Step Quick Assessment

What happens when a person has an ongoing relationship with pornography addiction? They continue to go down a road with a blindfold on. The true problem is pornography can lead to overwhelming feelings of desperation. Specifically, what the ritual of long-term pornography use can psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and potentially worst of all physically do to them. A client recently was in my office and they shared a story about an experience they recently had. They shared with me the simple fact they had no clue how the pornography got so bad? They stated, “It’s always after the fact that I can see and of course feel how bad this is, but before hand, I really black out.” Man

Teenage Porn Epidemic

It is the season for the electronic world to come out with faster and newer devices. Which gives us the opportunity to get lost in cyberspace. I was recently walking in the local mall the other day and witnessed a young boy with oversized goggles on. He had a large smile on his face and his hands appeared to be grasping at something. Unfortunately, my initial thought was not, “How cool, a kid playing virtual reality games (VR) in the mall.”(Being sold between $45 to $100 US dollars.)Rather it was, “Oh, no!” I thought to myself here is another way kids are going to become desensitized to human interaction. And more importantly act out sex thru porn in the wrong way. At the same time the


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