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Your Invitation

The Invitation

Generally defined, an invitation is a spoken or written request for someones presense or participation. In the following months I will be offering an invitation for you to look at and integrate a theme into your life. These invitations will be ideas, words, skills and new behaviors to challenge yourself to consider.

The end of 2020 is near. I’m sure you’ve already heard people sharing their sentiment for this year sounding something like this; is it over, I’m excited for 2021, what’s next, (insert your thoughts). My intent is not to solve the problem but to highlight the opportunity in this time we are living in to explore a deeper awareness. Please accept my invitation.

For the month of December, each week I’ll be offering you to explore and build upon this invation. The first week starts with the invitation to incubate, or create your focus. I’ll lead you, with this blog through crystallizing your idea into an intention, and then provide you with skills so you can practice incrementally to break it into digestable actions and finally the last blog will focus on integrating it into your life practically so you can find lasting success.

Invitation: Incubating.

I want to invite you to incubate. This is not designed to ignore change or avoid transformation, rather it is to work, mold, form and create the space to play, incubate your transformation and idea for change.

Let’s look at how to incubate something.

First, create space and carve out an opportunity to start the process of transformation. A clear way to start incubating is by starting with the no outcome. Avoiding a need to complete or do anything. Ryan, earth to Ryan. You don’t want me to do anything? Incubating is the art of developing and becoming open to the process of creating. By removing the pressure of outcome, you are able to relax into turning into a clearer direction.

Next step is to be ok being ok in the process of exploring and again removing the end game. This can be through crafting a space to brainstorm, draw, free write or use a recording device to let your unconscious thoughts start to come to the surface.

When you continue to incubate one of the most transformative expressions I want you to use the art of slowing down. By slowing down and releasing expectations you are able to enjoy the clarity of what you are inviting into your healing journey. The pause between our daily consumption and active need to keep busy can get in the way of your process.

Accept my invitation to incubate your time, your body, your process, and your healing. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

I’d love you to share your process, your ideas, and your questions if you desire. I’m here to support you as a therapist and healing professional. -


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