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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed!

Healing Souls Sexperiment: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed!

The body is built for pleasure. We are wired with sensory nerves: big and small ones that go through our entire body. This intricate superhighway of nerves sends sensual signals to the body and brain. Sometimes they mislead us. Believing we should not feel this pleasure and sometimes it leads to ecstasy and were ok with it. This is how we come to experience the difference of a gentle breath on the back of our neck, or the smell of stale coffee on someone’s mouth. It is also what brings us pure bliss after an amazing romp with a partner. Our body interprets immense amounts of information about our safety, our state of arousal, and our subtler energetic feelings that could lead us to a lack for or desire for sexual intimacy.

This weekend’s sexperiment is to transform your body into the temple it is. Get out of your head, with all the preconceived notions that our culture imposes on our bodies; furthermore, to learn how to reclaim your body.

My simple request this weekend is to learn how your body is your temple. This will be done through exercises and activities that can be done both individually or with a partner. I am offering ideas to connect to your body and learn to understand what it is intuitively telling you.

Learn More About Your Life Source: Breathwork

Breath is like sex. Without it none of use would be here. We owe our lives to breath and sex. One thing I notice in my office is the unassuming forgetfulness of our breath. People will talk or listen and as if they are 20 feet under the water. They hold their breath.

-One of the greatest secrets of breath is it creates a bridge between unconsciousness and consciousness.

Find a comfortable place to lie down. Placing one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach. Breath. Close your eyes and slow down your breath. Feel what it does to you. Speed up your breath. Feel what it does to you. An amazingly intimate experience is sit beside your partner and put your hands on their heart and stomach and feels their life source.

Getting Physical: Explore What Your Body Can Do!

Can you remember the last time you got a great workout in? How about got lost in the woods on a beautiful walk. One of the best ways to see what your body can do is to test it. We spend endless time working, sitting, and not moving our body. Don’t just workout but test your limits. Try a new activity. Rock climb, yoga, run. We all know the thing we don’t want to do because it’s going to kill us. Give it a shot.

As we become more comfortable with our breath and physical body we will have a greater sense of what we feel and know we want in the bedroom. Having a deeper understanding about your body will give you the security to embody what you want to live out.

Dr. Ryan Westrum, is a sex therapist who specializes in teaching and supporting people with a desire to learn about sexual health, addiction and freedom of expression. You can contact him at 952-261-5269 or email

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