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The Big Reset

The 2-day fast, 7 day cleanse or 30 day challenge. With all the new information being shared over the Internet it is the best time to explore transforming and evaluating your personal habits. It is no different if you want to quit pornography. Current content written on addiction can translate into anything from quitting coffee to learning about your relationship with pornography.

Specifically, when you reflect upon what it takes to make the big leap, your willpower for quitting is the start, and then there are some fundamental questions you should ask yourself. By asking these questions you will be able to simultaneously reset and incorporate valuable personal knowledge to conquer this feat.

Resetting Your Ritual

Every morning do you wake up the same; do you do the same rituals and rarely change your routine? When you come home at night, what are your triggers and habits around your addiction? It all comes down to analyzing them. The first question is: Can you identify a ritual you fall into? By examining your day-in and day-out patterns you will have a core starting point.

It’s All In The Numbers

In building upon exploring your ritual, the next idea is to keep track of your day. What are you doing 24/7 or in other words for 168 hours a week? I have found the best entry point in building a great defense to victoriously winning the pornography battle is to have a strong offense. It’s not just keeping busy dusting your book collection but to get start to at your moment-by-moment time management. Are you binge watching what you thought was the latest great Netflix show? Even though you know you’ve watch them all two years ago. Work on collecting basic information around your day. At first I do ask you to microscopically detail every hour. You will see you waste a lot of time.

Is the Motivation Big Enough?

Only you can answer that question. Don’t worry with the right amount of time and examination you will know if your motive is significant enough. But recognize there is no judgment, and with the help of a therapist like myself we will find the motivation and conquer the behavior, learn to live with a healthy appreciation of sexuality and reclaim your authentic self.

My practice offers tools and addiction starter kits to help elevate and guide you through a 7-day or 30-day challenge to author a new relationship around the habit and addictions that you are trying to moderate or quit.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a sex therapist that specializes in sexual trauma, sexual addiction, porn addiction. Please contact him at 952.261.5269 or for a complementary consultation.

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