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Yoga and Sex

When engaged in conversation and dialogue about sex, an abundance of people inquire about how they can connect with their partner or understand their sexual identity. It is here that I lean on and want to explain the importance of experiential activities and experiences that connect you to yourself on a deeper level. It is also imperative to express the value of a healthy activity that can create balance and engage in ones divine sexual identity. Experiential activities can be vast and I encourage one to find happiness in them. Moreover, sexually they can be daunting. Exploring Bondage Discipline, Sado – Masochism (BDSM) isn’t something you just decide to start to play with. This is where I start to talk to people about exploring a practice of Yoga; an activity that balances internal awareness, connection to ones body, and a sacred psycho-spiritual activity. In this article I will explain a brief description of a chakra or energy spot in the body that can be related to blocked energy. Although, I do not go into explaining the chakra system in detail, it is enough to know that we have an energy flow that can be blocked and experiential activities like Yoga can help restore balance. As well as a prolonged interest and enjoyment in ones sex life.

A great deal of literature on the topic of sex and spirituality can be found, most of them esoteric in nature, refer to a concept called“ sacred sexuality.” Yoga in particular is looked as a path towards meditation, wholeness of one’s body and a history of sexual understanding. Although, many religions today seem to purport a conservative view of sexual desire, making most people believe that spirituality and sex do not go together. But throughout history, sex has been thought of as an incredibly spiritual experience. It is part of our being as humans, and could even be our bridge to the divine. The ecstasy brought by sex is nothing to be ashamed of and is a phenomenon that can give rise to meditation. The experience is one that is especially potent because it is done with a partner.

The Kama Sutra, commonly known to be an ancient sex guide, is actually an in-depth look on courtship and love. It teaches sex as a pure art that can lead to balance among the three life forces, Kama, Dharma and Artha. And in the life of a yoga practitioner, these should be in harmony. Thus, there is a strong link between yoga and sex. Improving one would benefit the other in turn. Those who find sex unfulfilling have probably yet to discover this spiritual link.

Certain yoga poses (or asanas as referred to in Sanskrit) are good for removing blockages in the sacral chakra. This is the chakra that sits at the base of your spine just below your navel. It governs one’s drives and passions, including that of sex.

By balancing this particular chakra, you will allow energy to flow throughout your entire body, which will help you treat yourself better and become a better person to others and, most importantly, to your partner. On a physical level, these asanas in Yoga will help strengthen and lengthen muscles while improving your stamina. Yoga has long been known to be the domain of flexible individuals.

Hindu texts suggest that the linking of breath and movement during yoga asana is able to awaken the kundalini, which is the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. Doing so prevents disease and rejuvenates the body. It also targets the sacral chakra that resides in the sacral region. Yoga is a practice over 5,000 years old; all of these topics discussed are interrelated in connecting not only the mind-body and spirit as well as developing a deeper sacred sexual experience. Yoga is not the only experiential activity that connects to sacred sexual experience; however, it is a wonderful path to connect deeper internally with oneself and your partner.

Ryan Westrum is a marriage and family therapist that specializes in sex therapy. Healing Souls is located in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. You can contact him at 952-261-5269 or Please read more interesting topics at

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