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What is Psychedelic Integration?

What is psychedelic integration anyway?

Psychedelic Integration is the combination of the mind, body, ones emotional expression, and spiritual connection following the experience of a heighten state of consciousness stimulated by the ingestion of psychedelics. It is the practice of discovering and sharing challenges and understandings that emerge during psychedelic experiences.

Any feelings, sensations, experiences and ideas that are brought about during your psychedelic trip can be meaningful for the process of healing.

Integration is about creating the space to “make meaning” of those feelings, sensations, experiences and ideas so that they can inform daily practical living in concert with what you experienced.

Psychedelic integration therapy increases the opportunity for personal transformation within all the areas of your life offered by the psychedelic experiences.

Higher states of consciousness ensure the chance to have memories, big ideas, sensations, and emotions. Often it can feel easier to ignore them or push them away, or we may simply forget what “came up”, like forgetting a dream if we don’t write it down right away upon waking.

When working with psychedelic compounds, healing requires that we engage with these ideas, and that’s what integration is all about. Professional support can make the difference between successfully integrating our new insights into our lives in meaningful ways or stopping short of lasting growth, transformation of becoming whole.

More specific ideas of what is psychedelic integration?

· Connecting the dots between experiences that have happened no matter what the initial understanding is or disjointed it may be.

· Feeling your thoughts and thinking your feelings.

· Joining your thoughts and feelings and putting them into a single awareness.

· Reaching into your body to find feelings, memories, even thoughts.

· Experiencing your mind, spirit, and body in one flowing state.

· Bringing a mindful consciousness to all that happened to you.

· Moving into your life in a way that is authentic to all parts of you, even those that are not fully understood or conscious yet.

· Bringing all your experiences into harmony.

· Remembering to experience yourself as always in a flow that includes transpersonal energies reaching into you from beyond your individual mind, body, and spirit. (Archetypes, collective conscious).

· Noticing the way synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) seem to encourage your unfolding process and bringing these experiences and their source into your reality.

· Practically understanding that it is work, action and effort that create your integration path.

Ultimately, Psychedelic integration is a concept that is beneficial to be done with both a practical and theoretical lenses – and it’s vital to take into account, the compound, the experience that was had, and most important of all what feels right to you the explorer.

I work with psychedelic integration and honor the compounds as medicines, sacraments and deeply beneficial tools to access many things some of which include healing past trauma, overcoming depression and learning to work with death anxiety fear of “what’s next”, just to name a few topics psychedelics can support us with. I acknowledge that people do sometimes choose to take risks of all sorts that are not medically advised or condoned. My integration services offer a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space to process psychedelic experiences, or what I like to call higher states of consciousness and their potential for personal transformation.

I have written The Psychedelics Integration Handbook, I have specialized training and over 15 years of professional experience with the higher states of consciousness (psychedelics, dreams, breathwork). And over 30 years of personal exploration with these experiences which have produced a road map for me to help my clients and readers like you.

So whether you feel you’ve had a bad trip and aren’t sure how to cope with it or are otherwise seeking resources to unpack a psychedelic experience, I can help.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is an internationally recognized psychedelic integration therapist, he is the author of The Psychedelics Integration Handbook. You can also find him as a guest speaker on many of the latest psychedelic friendly podcasts. Please contact him at or 952-261-5269.

*Here at healing souls. I do not provide, condone, or support the use of illegal substances. There are significant legal and medical risks associated with casual use of psychedelics. As I do respect and honor the exploration of working with these compounds, it is important to understand the factors that these compounds can have on your mental health. These risks are amplified for people who are already experiencing mental health difficulties.


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