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The Psychedelic Psychologist - A new paradigm

The call to adventure is a gateway to understanding the living experience of the hero archetype in people's lives. Psychedelics and the challenges of change are inevitable, crisis, healing, trauma, you name it can arise. And yet psychedelic work also provides a potentially more bearable perspective no matter the difficulty or ease. Giving us meaning to your relationship to the surrounding world.

Perhaps you are ready, or maybe you stand at the threshold, wondering. Psychedelics? Now? What I am offering with The Psychedelic Psychologist podcast is an offer to embark on being present with the work of psychedelics no matter how, when, where, or why you are doing them. No fucking judgement.

This threshold whether you choose to tiptoe across or break on through is yours to decide. Either way I hope you join me for your dose of The Psychedelic Psychologist, a new episode every psychedelic Sunday.

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Be Safe and Be Gentle.


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