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fear don't be scared walk towards it

are you scared of what people may think do you need conventional to be ok what are you afraid of

fear is showing you something when it comes to psychedelics fear is up there when it comes to worries questions there is no other obstacle that I face when helping people prepare or integrate a psychedelic experience considering to do psychedelics should have a tinge of fear and it is not necessary to escape it or run away from the fear rather go towards it because it is showing you something fear votes for hesitation it always has reason for not doing and so it rarely does anything but freeze us if you are working with psychedelics or considering the idea of working with psychedelics if you don’t find yourself experiencing this hesitation every so often you should know that you may not be pushing yourself enough fear can be a barometer imagine the questions that fear offers you what will everyone think do I have the strength to face this when it continues to show up what if it doesn’t work will people be mad at me or do I come back from it damn them all decide to look at it decide to go all in on the view the story take a risk decide to go into the fear and recognize it as a teacher and the voice you may what to make louder they say not to take counsel of your fears but perhaps that’s exactly what we should do we should listen closely and then bow to it’s lessons

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a clinical psychologist and licensed marriage family therapist that specializes in healing spiritual emergency, psychedelic experiences and all things experiential. Contact Ryan at or


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