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The psychedelic movement is picking up speed. In my new podcast, The Psychedelic Psychologist, I’ll share all the things about the psychedelic movement—and what people are learning first-hand with psychedelic preparation, psychedelic integration and a deep focus on harm reduction and the proper use of psychedelics either in therapeutic settings or recreational use too.

The Psychedelic Psychologist is a conversation with personal guests who will explore therapy in a podcast-style discussion and discuss experiences around psychedelics. We will discuss intention and preparation stories, ways to navigate the psychedelic space and how to integrate psychedelic experiences for healing and personal transformation.

Tune in to hear people’s experiences, breakthroughs and stories of healing addiction, depression, and trauma through Psychedelics. I will gracefully and empathetically narrate real therapy situations with people’s most vulnerable and transformational moments.

Check out the trailer and stay tuned for the first episode in the next week!

Thank you so much for checking it out!


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