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Healing with DreamWork

Introduction to DreamWork

Join me for Healing Souls Virtual DreamWorks

Every once and awhile everyone is curious about their dreams. At times you may even wonder, how do you make sense of what just happened in your dream? Or what do my dreams ultimately mean?

Working with dreams means recalling and investigating the dreams from sleep with a focus on their greater meanings. Each one of us is distinctively protected and limited by ourselves to fully understand the meaning of our dreams. DreamWorks is a way to use collective intelligence and a peer group to view our dreams through a different lens. It is my assumption that all dreams may come in the spirit of exploring better well-being and wholeness for one’s life.

Healingsouls DreamWorks group will cover:

· The study of group dreamwork

· An experiential way of looking at dreams

· An opportunity to try something different

· An introduction to connecting to the collective unconscious

I’ve translated and untangled dreams for 10 years. And started to learn the value of a group process when it comes to identifying and healing in dreams. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy working one on one with clients uncovering themes and meanings to their dreams. Absolutely love it. And the compounding affect of working in a group to heal is monumental.

Together, we will learn:

· Meanings of your dreams

· Developing a dream practice for documenting and studying

· Potential “Aha” moments reflecting on a personal dream

DreamWork and Interpreting Dreams

There are classic ways of interpreting dreams, such as reading a symbol book. And there are archetypal ways to study dreams, which are themes or common thoughts around a dream you can connect with.

Healingsouls DreamWorks is a collective dream group that discusses and explores new perspectives, projections and lens to view your dreams through.

The essential difference between DreamWork and dream interpretation is that in DreamWork, I don’t analyze the person's dreams or provide a clear interpretation. In dream analysis or dream interpretation, the therapist is the expert on the symbolism and meaning of the dream. In DreamWork, I act as a guide in the exploration of the dream, allowing the dreamers to discover meaning for themselves. And only the dreamer with consent will accept or align with the stories and ideas that we share within the group or throughout the client’s individual work.

One of the core philosophies I share in DreamWork is that each person explores dreams using unique dream language. I consider dreams are creations and extensions of waking thoughts, concerns, emotions, and memories; therefore unique to each individual. I say, “only the dreamer can say if it means something to them.”

Benefits of DreamWork

The benefits of DreamWork can be numerous ranging from identifying and removing blocks in personal patterns to getting clarity on professional conflicts. Furthermore, a re-narrating of self-awareness and personal growth; moreover, processing your dreams in a group setting also provides an empathic view of the greater concerns we all can face on a daily bases.

Dr. Ryan Westrum, PhD, LMFT is a trained clinical psychologist that offers DreamWork as a therapeutic technique to process a wide range of concerns from solving personal or professional problems to complex trauma healing. Please contact Ryan at or


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