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Proactive Honesty: Where Did The Time Go?

Being Proactive Honesty: Understanding the Value of 168!

We all have been there… You just wanted to check your email, that’s it and 2 hours later all you found was the black hole of the Internet. Over the course of a normal week a teenager spends up to 27 hours a week online (sorry parents this is not on school work!) The average time for an adult is not much different – 20 hours devoted to getting lost in Facebook, Instagram and yes the inevitable pornography.

To break it down a little more for the researcher in you, the latest research says,

  • 21 billion individual visits to one particular porn site.

  • 81 billion videos viewed, mathematically this is alittle over 12 videos per person on this planet.….AND wait for it!

  • A whopping 4,392,486,580 hours of good old fashioned pornography, the research I found states almost 4.5 billion hours of porn, this is 2x longer then “our civilization” homo sapiens have been walking the earth.


Congrats, mankind! While you could have been dedicating that time to curing diseases, brokering peace deals, hanging out with your family, getting raises, being proactive making love to your partner! But instead you were going to town on yourself. Instead of losing what is rightfully yours, THAT WHICH IS YOUR LIFE! Stop now and step away from the porn and learn the value of 168. Be proactively honest with yourself.

So what can we do about this? I would like to off the proactive approach to life and taking back your life with the magic number 168! 168 you ask? When you divide 168 by 7 you will get the new magical number 24!

  • 24 hours in a day

  • 7 Days a week

  • 168 hours in a week

Pull Out the Journal

I want to invite you to go old school. First, pull out your journal, or buy a new one and scribble down everything you are doing for a 2 to 3 whole weeks.

For Example - Monday

Woke Up @ 6:00 am

Porn- ?????

Morning Bathroom Routine, Get Dressed – 25 minutes

Breakfast Coffee- 15 minutes

During Breakfast watched porn or watched the internet???

Drive to work – 35 minutes


Fill out the whole 24 hours for each particular day. Even sleep. It really can become an eye opener learning where all your time can go.

The goal of writing in your journal- Each day you will become more and more detailed and recognize rituals you may have with the Internet and pornography.

Be Proactive Honest

At first you might find yourself fudging your numbers. By being proactively honest with yourself, you are only going to help yourself. I encourage you to continue this 168-hour week inventory for at least 2 to 3 weeks. It will really give you a clearer picture of your rituals and patterns.

Key Activities To Be Aware Of With Your Journal

To give you a jump start look at the list and start with these main activities, they take up most of our time.

  • Sleep

  • Physical Activity

  • Work

  • Internet

  • Eating

  • Etc.

The “168 hour proactive honesty journal” will give you one-step closure to freedom from pornography. And this isn’t just to be used for someone with a relationship with pornography. It is a great exercise to increase any ones association with the Internet.

Dr. Ryan Westrum, is a sex therapist who specializes in helping clients overcome the new drug: Pornography. Please contact him at or call him at 952-261-5269.

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