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From Breakdown to Breakthrough

From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Gaining Control and Perspective

There is a force controlling you, com

pelling you to make choices that go against your instincts. Pornography can be a force that has catastrophic consequences.

A breakdown based on illusions.

Who makes you watch? Has anyone ever held a gun to your head and said, “Watch this now!? “ It might feel like that though? Every time you pick the computer or phone instead of your partner or your other needs, you’re taking a conscious decision to avoid your reality and enter into an illusion. You may think now wait, “I don’t even feel in control!” In fact, your choices and decisions are all based off the pornography. Your addiction to pornography is making you make choices and decisions that you don’t want to do.

Now it’s time to breakthrough!

The pornography is controlling you from the moment you are drawn into the sexual thinking or potentially even the thought of pornography. Even worse, just looking at your phone or computer can lead you to the breakdown. The consistent battle goes on in every pornography addict’s mind. It’s confusing and makes you feel what? Foolish, guilty, powerless, nobody likes to feel this way, so you may even go into denial; burying your head into the sand avoiding the truth.

The following are ideas to learn how to breakthrough from pornography.

The pornography trap is an ingenious prison, and it has one fatal flaw. The prisoner (you)!!! Holds the key to your own release. In order for you to escape, three things must happen:

1. You must recognize that you are in a trap.

It traditionally happens when you hit YOUR rock bottom. OR it can manifest if someone you love is telling you their sick of the behavior. Either way finding out your in a trap can be a humbling experience.

2. You must recognize that you hold the key.

Each person holds his or her own unique experience with pornography, and the key to get out is the same thing. Everyone is different and everyone will learn what works for him or her.

3. You must be shown how to use the key.

It is my job to help you recognize the perils and pitfalls the world of pornography has on you, as well as, the secrets and ways of getting out of your prison. Working with a professional will help you see your behaviors and encourage you to develop and see strengths you didn’t even know you had.

The trap is the addiction and the prison you are in is pornography addiction. Remember you have the potential. Find a time to reach out.

Dr. Ryan Westrum, is a mental health practitioner and specialist in helping men and women over come pornography addiction. Please call him at 952-261-5269 or email him at

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