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Gratitude and Intimacy

Gratitude and Intimacy

With the holidays soon upon us, it’s that annual time we reflect on all the things we’re thankful for. Family, friends, food, an the opportunity to find gratitude in your intimate connection with your partner… But of course among these things is one of the greatest offerings of all, somebody to share in the pleasures of companionship. And how hot that can really be!

Keeping the flame of intimacy burning has a great deal to do with being grateful for what you have. Although, the pilgrimage to pleasure is bursting with two-way streets, there’s much to be said for doing things that show your other half love and compassion. We all know our own desires and fantasies. Are needs are ever-present, but it’s always important to communicate your appeal to understand the needs of your partner. While there are numerous ways to show your appreciation for someone you love, there are a few that can make them feel sexy as well. So here are a few of my sexy tips on how to show gratitude for your partner year-round:

  • Give, Not Get: Surprising your partner with the thing you know they love. Maybe it’s that quickie in the morning, or a long drawn out romantic evening that starts with a warm bath. It is no surprise that when you give you will find a lot of reward seeing the look and response from your partner.

  • Compliments: Even if you’re not good at taking them, everyone likes to receive them. The more specific the better. Attention to detail goes a long way. For example, like when your partner does the little things: mentioning your outfit or how beautiful their eyes look. Spend some time remembering what attracted you to your partner. It’s a wonderful reminder of the gratitude you have for each other.

  • Go the Extra Mile: While random flowers or coffee are always appreciated, bringing home their favorite across town meal or a memento from their favorite childhood memory really drives the point home that you care. For example, breakaway from redundancy, it seeps into the bedroom. The more creative you are in showing many times it leads too much more.

These exercises are not limited to the holiday season. Give yourself permission to put others first. Look to please and you will find pleasure and as always be kind, be loving and be gentle!

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a sex positive therapist that offers a safe place to learn about healing relationships and managing addiction. Dr. Ryan specializes in sexual trauma, pornography addiction, sex addiction and healthy relationships. Please contact him via email at or call by phone at 952-261-5269 for a complementary consultation.

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