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Spring Ahead: Advancing Your Sexual Intimacy

Spring Ahead! Advanced Sexual Intimacy.

All to often client’s come into the office with the burning concern I like to call “Sexual Fatigue.” Traditionally the person or couple starts their conversation in a very mild manner talking about exhaustion, depression, stress or simple boredom. More cases then not it leads to talking about utter despair around sex. This can be a startling surprise for many people struggling with intimacy issues as well as taking back their life with pornography addiction. “Sexual Fatigue” does not stereotype. That is why today I am offering 3 solutions to combat “Sexual Fatigue” by springing ahead into an advanced way in seeing sexual intimacy.

Being tired is no fun and having zero sexual energy is even more devastating. The following three ideas will help you sexually reboot your life.

Put Away Your Technology

It has been said our culture spends an average of 6 to 9 hours a day with technology. On the low end that number is startling. How many times have you wanted to engage with your partner or get intimate only to look over and see them hypnotized in the other planet called the Internet. Screen time desensitizes us all. The more we step away from it the better off we will all be! No matter if your fighting a porn addiction or rekindling an intimate love affair less screen time will help.

More Body Contact

Engaging in more body contact, holding hands, massaging lovers or simply socializing with real people can stimulate endorphins and get people more inclined to engage in sexual intimacy. By starting slow with physical touch helps, it doesn’t always have to lead to sex. Building upon a healthy foundation that supports consent and physical touch simulates a safe sexual desire.

Challenge Your True Sexual Desires

This is more of a self-evaluation and more self-exploration the better! I encourage client’s to examine their true desire for sex. Many people have a preconceived notion they must have a certain amount of sex rather than quality time together. Quantity of sex is one of the elements that can kill the desire more then anything. Take stock in what makes up your sexual desires and have a conversation with your partner(s) about this.

If you’re struggling with pornography addiction a great way to give up your relationship with this addiction is to evaluate your sexual desires.

It is important to see your doctor if you are struggling with a lower energy then you are accustom. Understanding your physical body is extremely important. So as we all feel the grind of springing ahead into the new season, I encourage loving yourself and challenging your energy level by rebooting your sexual intelligence.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a sex therapist that gives opportunity to heal sexual trauma, reclaim sexual health and live a more authentic life. You can contact Ryan at 952-261-5269 or

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