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Why So Serious?

Do you ever wonder if you’re taking yourself too seriously?

I think about this idea all the time, especially when I am thinking of psychedelics. Today, the word psychedelic therapy is fucking hot, so hot that every mainstream news source is talking about it.

I am so grateful and deeply appreciative of the benefits of psychedelics and the bottomless healing that can come from intentional psychedelic work.

And yet… I must ask the question – Why so serious? Today the psychedelic community is so fixated on science, tests, potential anal cavity probes, or being over consumed by what someone’s blood pressure is at the point when they are peaking on 180 milligrams of MDMA in a clinical setting.

So I offer the question. Can you work with psychedelics and not be fucking so serious? The answer is yes, with the caveat that it might take us down the rabbit hole of a deeper prohibition that may remind us of 1960’s - 1970’s and Richard Nixon.

Grateful for all that we have learned from the sixties, the perils and pitfalls to the free love and transformation; we are still alive. In todays world we are still hear and it is magic.

So fast forward to the present day – are we too worried that if we don’t take psychedelic work seriously, we will lose grip of reality? Or worse lose touch of experiencing this work with a looseness and levity that can still bring us healing.

When it comes to the serious of taking psychedelics is not the question. How much does that matter really?

Rather what is your intention for using psychedelics is the question.

Ways To Intentionally Use Psychedelics.

You can use psychedelics on a trolley or with a dolly.

You can use psychedelics with Gus or on a bus with a Gus.

Seriously though.

· To heal trauma

· To train your brain

· Have fun

· Learn about your present day process

· Engage in your personal future desires

· Reconcile family of origin history

· Have a lot of fun

· Deeper connection to purpose, spiritual path

· Practice or getting ready to die

· Have loads of fun

In the upcoming months I will spend a significant amount of time on intentional psychedelic use in both the recreational and therapeutic arenas.

Join me @The Psychedelic Psychologist Podcast in a further discussion of the deep healing psychedelics can have no matter what level of seriousness you bring to the table.

The Psychedelic Psychologist (on spotify).

The Psychedelic Psychologist (on apple)

Much love, Be Safe, and Be Gentle.


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