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A Process to Self-Healing

The Process of Self-Healing with Psychedelics

We are living in a time where at any given moment you can jump on the Google monster and find an answer to a problem, a health concern or go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories that will either provide reassurance or paranoia.

Today, I am asking that you turn inward – consider a new self healing process.

The label our culture has given psychedelics has many different definitions and “assigned meanings”. It can be a “drug” or a healing “medicine”. And before I get on my soapbox and lose everyone with my opinions around psychedelic compounds, just know that we are simply trying to explain self-healing, listening to the inner healer and healing trauma or a wound can by understood with psychedelics.

Labels, mental constructs, elaborate programs, and belief systems can get people confused and ultimately misinform everyone of what the value of psychedelic compounds offer us as a culture. And the unique definition of psychedelics being a medicine or dare I say “you” being a medicine can be true!

What is the process of self-healing?

What is an inner healer? What are the consciousness techniques you can apply to bring about a reversal of dis-ease and calibrate your present moment?

Self- Healing

We go into the inner experience of the exact sensations of what we need healing by letting go and stop resisting them. Steps for self-healing.

· Let go of resisting the sensory experience of it.

· No longer put names or labels on it. Experience it without judgment.

· Trust your intuition.

The Inner Healer

It may help to say more about the process of healing through a term called the “inner healer” or “inner healing intelligence”. The idea is we have an innate calibration that will help heal us if we are open to it.

A psychoactive substance, or a breathing practice, activates the inner self’s inherent healing power. This power then activates the unconscious contents of the mind. When activated by whatever strategy is employed, these previously immobile or static contents can be converted into what we might call a “stream of energy” or inner healing. At this point, this stream of thought or embodied physical experience will be more understood and healed.

The ability of the experiencer to become conscious of, or aware of, the unconscious material, plus the complementary ability to embrace, surrender to, or accept, whatever emerges, constitutes the healing or transformational dynamic for the individual. Healing seems to occur through an inherent “cooperation” between the inner healing source and consciousness itself. In fact, it appears that consciousness and the Inner Healer are one and the same dynamic. They are two poises, two interrelated complementary characteristics, of the same process. For example, water and wet or fire and heat.


What is our attitude toward ourselves in the whole experience of trauma, self-healing and life all together? Can we move towards the decision to be forgiving, and compassionate to ourselves and others? That which supports and nurtures life instead of condemning it or “making it wrong” – I ask what does it take to do this? The answer is self-compassion.

Some people who are involved in spiritual work or studies around spiritual work will make the problem more complex by placing blame and labeling it as “wrong”. I ask do you have the willingness to first look at yourself and accept your behaviors, forgive your behaviors and lead by being kind to yourself before you express blame?

As we begin letting go of all the fears of changing focus on the external conflicts and taking accountability on the internal calibration of our story, the only thing to do is love oneself. Reaffirming our true Self is Infinite and not subject to limitations. (Wow, Ryan that’s some space cadet shit… Yes, why yes it is.) What I’m simply saying is be gentle with you and love yourself with compassion, and it will radiate out.

The Call to Action – Finding Inner Freedom

The process of surrender takes a person all the way to the bottom of their pain and straight to the top of their power. As the inner healer awakens and continues to find places to explore we all ultimately find freedom.

No matter if you are struggling with addiction, healing a identified trauma or looking to find a purpose in this life I want to remind you it all lies within. And through the help of “classical” talk therapy in conjunction with experiential exercises like Breathwork and psychedelic exploration you will find your inner freedom.

Through the inner observation, there is the realization that Something that remains constant and the same, no matter what goes on in the external world – traumatic or not – the mind, body and emotions is yours to control. Trust yourself, you’re the healer of yourself.

To learn more about psychedelics, healing with psychedelics and integration of psychedelics check out my book below

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a clinician that supports clients integrating spiritual experiences and non-ordinary work; such as, dreams, psychedelics and healing Breathwork. Please contact him at and


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