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Sexual Curiousity

Sexual Curiousity

There are many questions clients have around what my practice offers and what way I can help them. The following are basic 101 thoughts many of us have.

Curious about my sexual identity: I am who I am

Sexual Identity has been in the headlines in recent years, with Trans community and same sex marriage coming more into the mainstream media. We encourage you to gain a deeper understanding of the basic terminology and we will be able to form a more rounded and knowledgeable opinion on the subject.

What is Sexual Consultation?

Sexual consulting is a short and focused process in which we treat specific issues with clear guidance towards a viable solution. In contrast, sexual therapy delves deep into a person’s psyche and is usually a longer, more costly and in-depth process. Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling and pleasurable sex life, but there are quite a few issues that might hinder a person from achieving their goals: sexual or social insecurity, sexual dysfunction, curiosity that isn’t quenched, friction within a relationship, etc. Sexual consulting can be one way to help resolve these issues. Consulting sessions can be held privately or in couples, either in person or over video chat. They are held in a calm and respectful environment that focuses on your mindset and the setting and space we create.

What’s the big deal: its just Porn.

The most highly debatable conversation to date for me is what’s the big deal with porn? I have been on crusade not to abolish pornography but rather to understand all the components to the porn epidemic. Be it relational, emotional, and social even the physical ramifications porn brings into peoples life. Ultimately, helping break the chains.

Can I ever really ask for what I want from my partner?

Having had the gracious opportunity to work with a vast spectrum of individuals and couples regarding their sexual desires and needs. One thing keeps coming up in session, that is: How can I really ask for what I want? When you sit down either for a consultation or invest in digging deep we start to find your authentic sexual self. We learn to find comfort and safety in asking for what you want.

Polyamorous and Various Monogamous relationships.

Monogamy is great, and yet it’s not the only option out there. Every relationship can shape itself to bring pleasure and happiness to everyone involved. There are many ways of getting what you want while maintaining the love and strength of your partnership. My practice gives couples an opportunity to talk about the polyamorous lifestyle.

We talk about classical monogamous relationship, show their many kinds, how they work, and also get productive tools that are helpful to any type of relationship. Whether you’re kinky, vanilla, single, monogamous, starting to open your relationship, or just want to learn more about people’s sexualities.

50 shades of consent – BDSM is ok and fun too!

What is BDSM, really? A certain popular book/movie may not be entirely accurate. Come and explore the amazingly diverse world of Kink, and see if anything strikes your fancy. I use my space to let you explore all the in’s and outs, benefits and potential pitfalls.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is a sex therapist that works in the Minneapolis community, you can contact Ryan at 952-261-5269 or

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