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Healing Souls Sexperiment: Sensual Feng Shui

Healing Souls Sexperiment: Sexual Order: Sensual Feng Shui

Is your bedroom a peaceful haven you retreat to for rest and romance, and materialize from feeling refreshed and renewed? Do you feel like your bedroom offers you a stimulus to a restored intimate and sexual relationship with your partner? If not, a little “sensual feng shui” may be just the thing your room needs.

Feng shui — which literally translates to “wind and water” — is the ancient Chinese art of placement. The goal is to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness. At its most basic level, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is a decorating discipline based on the belief that our surroundings affect us.

In the bedroom, feng shui helps you arrange the space to support your best rest and connection with your partner and with yourself. Whether you buy into feng shui’s philosophies or not, many of its principles simply make good sense with the hope to have a more engaging and fulfilling intimate relationship. Here are some simple sensual feng shui bedroom strategies that will turn your frenzied and uninspiring bedroom into the serene and sensual sanctuary of your dreams.

This week’s sexperiment is to explore your 5 senses, start to envision with your partner the desires you have for your sacred space. I am not asking to turn your bedroom into a BDSM dungeon or Tantric temple, only to adjust it to ignite passion.

Keep It Simple

The key is to remove the clutter; the number one thing a couple complains about is sex has become a chore… And the breaks grind to a halt. A beautiful way to turn one persons choir into another persons passion is remove all debris. Sex in a clean uncluttered space brings a sense of peace, comfort and tranquility.

Bring in the Colors and Textures

Bring back into your bedroom soft colors, vibrant textures. It is a great opportunity to simply add a couple velvet pillows. Accent your room with loving sensual piece of art.

Shut out the World

A great deal of sensual environments is spaces where we lose track of time. It can be as drastic as putting plush velvet curtains up over your windows, or as simple as drawing the blinds and leaving the windows closed. We take the time to close off from the world we have time to slow down and forget about the world and environment. I am talking about all door, windows, bathrooms, and closets.

Symmetry is Key

The art of Feng shui suggests the bedroom to have symmetry. Two nightstands. Clean corners. Aesthetically pleasing visual art. Remove the stack of books on the night stand and replace them with candles or a speaker for music.

Light. Candles. Action.

Lastly a great deal of sensual Feng shui relays on the 5 senses. Smell, Touch, Sound, Sight, and Taste. Start to explore these senses.

Taste – Bring in some warm tea, sparking wine, or erotic food. Many foods and beverages are sensually pleasing.

Smell – Candles, Incense, Oils all bring a catalyst to your love making. Create a little drawer next to the big drawer of toys.

Touch – Create a Big drawer of toys to explore. If you’re curious of opinions check out my other blogs around the sex toy of the month. Have fun!

Sight – Or no sight, the blindfold is the best little trick to really ramp up your sensual desires.

Sound – A sensual Feng shui bedroom is not complete without a great music system. If you need ideas you will find them on my sexperiment play list weekend.

All in all Spring is here and its time to have fun, create a space and please get that T.V out of the bedroom and the computer too!

Ryan Westrum is a Ph.D and visionary for You can contact him at 952.261.5269.

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