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Sex Toy of the Month Exploration

I am proud to introduce the monthly sex toy review. Many couples and individuals come into the office and are curious, struggling and frankly desiring more within their sexuality. They ask what are ways to create intimacy, fun and excitement. With that said, each month I will review a BDSM toy or sex toy that is either used individually or with a partner(s). My relationship with Bondesque boutique is a great place to do your shopping. I do monthly workshops at the store and love the relationship where they keep it safe sane and consensual in finding the right fit for you.

What better way to combat the stresses of the holiday season than with a kick start to your sex life? After the relatives are gone and the kids are asleep, it’s time to unwrap the presents you actually wanted to give and receive. Whether you’re exchanging naughty niceties with your significant other or treating yourself for surviving the season, this is the start of my monthly sex toy review. What better way to start the year!

Featured Sex Toy of Month

We – Connect (We-Vibe 4) different versions available.

Although once upon a time sex toys, vibrators especially, were something that people mostly did solo, with the invention of more exciting toys, all of that is changing. We-Vibe, most notably, has been at the forefront of creating vibrators that are specifically geared toward not just couples, but couples who are doing the LDR thing. Because being in a long-distance relationship is far from easy, We-Vibe has introduced a whole new design for their We-Connect app; the one and only sex toy app that links couples together, sexually speaking, either across the room or across the world.

How to Use It

There’s a vibe that’s just right for you. When used with the We-Connect app, you have 10 modes to choose from. Plus, you can adjust the intensity and create unlimited custom playlists. You basically sync the toy with the remote or app and away you go, my recommendation it is a wonderful way to add a new element of foreplay be it at dinner, away from each other or as simple as laying in bed with your partner.

It is very important to use water-based lubricant. It is then really up to you if you would like to use it for foreplay or intercourse it is designed for both.

What I Loved

It is a discrete toy that can be left on your nightstand as it recharges from your escapade. Once you get past how to sync it you are bound to have a wonderful and creative time with you partner.

You get the FREE We-Connect app and play with We-Vibe products together—even when you’re apart. Touch the screen to control the vibrations and build intensity. Tease and please with custom vibes you create. Turn on your lover when you connect and play together from anywhere in the world. It’s a pretty wild experience one your partner can be out of the room or in another country. It is important to note that this is with the We-Connect app.

The We-Connect app works better then the control; however, it can take you out of the moment.

The intimacy and creativity you have with your partner is really fun, giving a sense of simple ecstasy or a longing and desire for more.

What I Didn’t

Depending on the use of the toy, someone can get overwhelmed with the technology. Apart of my thought on this is that to connect with someone who needs a toy right. So when you get past the fun of playing with the app and you settle into what the toy is doing is amazing. Another aspect of the toy is it can move around depending on what someone is doing; again like anything in the sex world it takes time to get use to it!

Who Should Buy It

When someone is longing for their partner, going away a lot on business or simply wanting to play with the power and control of healthy sexuality I think this toy is right for you. It is a great way to connect with your lover as well a great way of introducing you partner to what you want from them and how you like it.

The Final Verdict

Now this is not going to be a Siskel and Ebert review with two thumbs up or two thumbs done. However, I would like to say it is a great toy to walk gently into the waters if you want to explore something in the bedroom. If you have a desire to add the element of surprise to your intimacy I think you would like it. Find your We-Vibe at Bondesque! Happy exploration!!!

Ryan is a Sex Therapist trained in exploring healthy sexuality, healing sexual trauma and exploring sexual identity. You can find more information on therapy and questions about scheduling a session at or call 952-261-5269.

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