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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy and intimacy coaching is for both individuals and couples. If there’s a specific sexual issue or challenge you’re facing – or if you simply want more sex, better sex or different sex – I may be able to help you.

Many of us, at some level, believe our sexual desires are unacceptable or “bad,” so we try, sometimes for years, to ignore or banish this undeniable aspect of ourselves. But cutting off parts of us has a cost. Disowning our desires can make us angry, depressed, confused and anxious. It hurts our relationships and can lead us into substance abuse and other destructive behavior.

One of the reasons we are on Earth is to have sex. Our bodies and psyches are wired for it. Sex holds great power and transformative potential in our lives, but we still live under a collective shadow of denial and shame. By the time we’re adults most of us are familiar with the basic mechanics of sex, and we’ve certainly been taught about the dangers, if not experienced them firsthand. And while we’re titillated with porn and glossy images of sex in various media forms, there are precious few opportunities for speaking openly and honestly about sexual desire and the real value of sexual pleasure.

I provide a safe, encouraging and sex-positive environment where you can explore your sexual desires, heal sexual wounds, and awaken your authentic sexuality – as an individual or as a couple in relationship. (I’m friendly to Kink/BDSM, LGBTQ, Polyamory, alternative relationships and lifestyles, cultural and sexual diversity.)

Ryan is a sex therapist in Minneapolis, where he is currently writing supporting clients with many different concerns and questions. You can reach him at or call him at 952.261.5269.

Sex therapy and intimacy coaching can help with:

  • Communicating about sex

  • Getting needs met

  • Expanding your sexual repertoire

  • Increasing sexual pleasure

  • Working through sexual shame, trauma or fear

  • Orgasm issues

  • Sexual identity

  • Youth sexuality, peer pressure

  • Advanced training and mentoring

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