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Sex Toy of the Month

Sex Toy of the Month – Love is Art

I love art and everything that goes with it, when I stumbled across the attached youtube video I was complied to share it as a part of sex toy of the month. It also is apparent when I watched the video that it is a wonderful way to connect with your partner, have fun and explore your inter Van Gough.

Love is Art is a do it yourself piece of art based off of your intimate experience. The experience great for this month and the up coming Valentine’s Day holiday, you can surprise a date or rekindle a spark with a long time partner.

What Love is Art’s website says about it:

“LOVE IS ART was founded by South African-born artist, Jeremy Brown. As an abstract artist, Brown has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade, inspired by the 1960’s French artist Yves Klein and various performance art pieces by Andy Warhol. One day, a close friend complimented him on a painting that was hung inside his house. After discovering how the painting was made, she asked him to provide her with everything she needed to make a painting with her husband on their anniversary. Brown put together a small package with all of the materials needed and wrote a little directional note for them to follow. They absolutely loved it, and the idea was born.”

“Simply put, the LOVE IS ART kit includes everything a couple needs to craft a one-of-a-kind abstract painting while being intimate with one another. What is left is a unique painting that represents that special moment. It can then be stretched, framed and hung on the wall – a lasting reminder of the love and passion that was shared. The kit also provides a unique bonding experience for the couples involved, as they work together as a team to craft their own unique masterpiece.”

What It Is?

Love is Art is a beautifully creative package that comes with the following:

  • 10’ x 12’ plastic drop cloth.

  • 41” x 54” specially treated white canvas.

  • 4 oz special non-toxic black paint.

  • 2 pair of disposable slippers.

  • 1 scrub brush.

The Concept.

It is a limitless opportunity to explore and simply have fun. I have heard that some experiences are fun, some are super messy, so work out beautifully and some are disasters that end with a painful shower. Aside from the potential mess, I would simply look at the experience as an amazing way to connect, have fun and be creative in the bedroom. This sex toy is a gentle loving way to explore your partner’s body.

The Pros and Cons

The best part of this toy is the creative outlet and simply the potential to be in a place that gives you a chance to get dirty.

The down turn to this is that if you don’t run to the shower right after the experience you might be stuck scrubbing and scrubbing.

Also remember that you will need to purchase canvas stretching material separately.

I will leave the video to entice you.

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