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Sex Therapy and New Year

The New Year can be a time for new beginnings. It can also be in the dead of Winter when we are least likely to get outside and enjoy the sun if we live in the North. So often, we use the beginning of the year to make commitments to our health and well-being as a result of this indoor isolation. We join gyms; we start eating foods that support our health goals; we start new spending/saving habits; or we make commitments to spend time with important others in our lives.

All of these actions to health and well-being can be boosted by sex! Research has shown that sex can enhance feelings of closeness, improve immune system functioning, and even elevate our moods. By spending some intentional time mucking through some of our barriers around sex, we can achieve some of these wonderful outcomes.

In addition to being licensed mental health practitioners and able to address non-sexual mental health needs such as communication, anxiety, depression and addiction, Ryan and Healing Souls are members of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists)-certified sex therapist and working toward certification. This process includes on-going education in areas specific to human sexuality, supervision, and consultation with other sexual health experts. With this rigorous training, clients can know that they are working with a competent, compassionate sex therapy professional.

I am grateful to share that I will be a lead presenter at this years international sex therapist conference AASECT. It will be held in Minneapolis, where I will share my research on sexual trauma and the experiential healing models that I share with victims of trauma. The June conference will be an opportunity to share my latest publication on finding healing.

Please share Healing Souls message with friends and family. Contact Ryan at, 952.261.5269 or

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