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Sexual Trauma

Trauma is a collection of symptoms, or responses, to events which are overwhelming to an individual. The definition seems simple despite trauma being so complex – trauma affects our minds, our bodies, our emotions, and our sex lives. Even though a person may not experience trauma directly related to their sex life, the symptoms of trauma can interfere with our ability to connect to others during sex. Reaching the goals you have for your sex life may mean addressing trauma.

Sexual trauma can be the result of a one-time event or on-going experiences: accidents, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, or incest. It may be violent or it may not be. Regardless of the circumstances, sexual trauma can involve a sense of fear, helplessness, injury or perceived threat of injury.

Sexual trauma can affect our ability to concentrate and remember things. It can lead to difficulty controlling emotions or difficulty to experiencing certain emotions. Our physical health can be impacted negatively by sexual trauma, interfering with sexual function, arousal, and orgasm. Sexual trauma can also affect our behaviors, potentially interfering with our ability to connect, communicate, and be intimate with our sexual partners.

Therapy can be very helpful in addressing sexual trauma in your past. Although it may be difficult, the emotional wounds can begin to heal with a supportive, knowledgeable ear. Healing Souls offers different approaches to addressing sexual trauma including education; talk therapy, mindfulness, relaxation and breathwork. If you would like to learn more about therapy to address sexual trauma, contact Healing Souls at to consult with Ryan.

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