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5 tips to help you integrate

Much of my therapeutic practice has a great deal to do with how clients integrate their therapy session. In my mind it is more significant than any aspect of the therapeutic process. My therapy can be broken down into 3 basic elements, which I consider broader ideas that create more specific healing under these fundamental concepts. The 3 basic ideas to working in therapy are, preparation, the session and lastly the integration. By definition integration is the act of combining into a whole. The following is not only how to integrate a therapy session but I would consider a great way to integrate happenings in life.

The following is an easy acronym to use as a guide. Follow the RULES:

R- RESIST the “correcting” reflex. Don’t assume you need to fix it right away. Simply taking time to examine the situation or experience. This will help give you an opportunity get comfortable with the idea that has been introduced to you. For example, the minute people feel an emotion, they want to run away or get rid of it right away. Resist this temptation.

U- UNDERSTAND the inspiration of where this new revelation came from and “make it bigger”. Take time to deconstruct the new “AHA moment” and be ok with learning more about where it came from.

L- LISTEN to yourself. I believe we all have an inner guide and with enough attention to our intuition some of the unresolved problems will be met with answers. This is a great way to integrate on your own.

E- EMPOWER to believe that with help and support from the experience, a professional, and yourself integration will be made. All the new information will be easier to connect with and you will be empowered to see the ease at moving into alignment with your behaviors.

S- SUPPORT don’t forget the value of support and benefit you can have by working with someone to help guide you in times of need. We all have the pull to solve our own problems.

Following the simple RULES above may help you become more authentic and whole and create a healthy integration from your experience into reality.

Dr. Ryan Westrum is private practicing therapist that specializes in supporting clients through difficult experiences that need to be integrated into their lives. Please contact him at 952-261-5269 or

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