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Ocean Pier

Death Rehearsal Exploration Group

Join me and a group of like-minded people in a year-long study group that offers a safe and connective space to talk about death, ask questions, and contemplate through guided activities.

What's included?

Quran and Prayer Beads

12-Virtual Zoom Workshops

We'll talk about the dying process, religion and spirituality, feelings around mortality, and living a full life.

Cave Explorer

Creative Explorations

Get curated activities to explore mortality including journalling, embodied exercises and other reflective assignments.

Afternoon Prayer

Call to Service

Explore new ways to live life now by volunteering, philanthropy, and exploring other underlying passions.

Purple Buds
Dandelion Meadow

The entire year investment


The second Thursday of every month  |   2 pm - 3:30 CT













We'll talk about topics like

Forgiveness & Gratitude

One of the ways in which this group explores forgiveness and gratitude is by welcoming everything and pushing away nothing. We will bring awareness to people, experiences and memories you're looking to reconcile.

Life Review Practices

This is an active engagement with everyone, everything and personalized to your own memories and life experiences. This will bring significant awareness and reverence to your relationships and experiences.

Death Planning

When you choose to develop a death plan, this exercise will explore more than just the moment of dying. As a group, we will explore all five-senses on what it means to be dying.  And this will allow you confront the dying process, trust yourself and live a fuller life.

Facing Fears

We will reflect on your personal emotions and lived experiences through guided surrendering meditations and finding more acceptance.

If you're interested in joining or want to learn more, reach out today

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