Healing Souls Sexperiment: Weekend Sexual Adventure!

Healing Souls Sexperiment: Weekend Sexual Adventure! Bondage and discipline sadism and masochism (BDSM), polyamory relationships, naked wrestling, underwear fetish, role-playing, porn, public humiliation sex, anal play, female domination, consensual non-consensual sex, webcaming. Have I got your attention? Society’s increasing openness toward erotica, coupled with greater exposure and opportunities today to seek out adventurous sexual behavior has certainly enabled us to broaden our sexual palate. But is the modern age genuinely any more perverse than other generations? Or have varying societal attitudes merely enabled us the freedom to pursue those sexual desires without the stigmas faced b

Healing Souls Weekend Sexperiment: Intimate Hugging

Welcome to The Healing Souls Weekend Sexperiment! This weekend’s my suggestion involves something that I know doesn’t sound terribly sexy – hugging. However, boring hugging sounds, when done with a deep sense of awareness and intimacy it can be a powerful catalyst to a wonderful love making session, deeper connection or simply a reminder of the love you have for your partner. Most couples tend to overlook hugging. It’s something we do when we’re greeting friends, visiting grandma, or meeting a friendly new acquaintance. It startles me sometimes how physically close we are willing to get without any sense of the intimacy hugs really can have. We potentially hug our partner if they are depress

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy and intimacy coaching is for both individuals and couples. If there’s a specific sexual issue or challenge you’re facing – or if you simply want more sex, better sex or different sex – I may be able to help you. Many of us, at some level, believe our sexual desires are unacceptable or “bad,” so we try, sometimes for years, to ignore or banish this undeniable aspect of ourselves. But cutting off parts of us has a cost. Disowning our desires can make us angry, depressed, confused and anxious. It hurts our relationships and can lead us into substance abuse and other destructive behavior. One of the reasons we are on Earth is to have sex. Our bodies and psyches are wired for it. Sex

Conscious Sex

I am writing this blog to express and describe the spectrum of my understanding of a conscious sex practice. The purpose of this is to break free the conundrum couples and individuals are having in the bedroom and their sex lives. Conscious sex practices can range from the normative heterosexual missionary, homosexual sex, bisexual sex, Tantra, BDSM and spiritual sexuality. It is important to establish the understanding that I know not all sex is conscious, all sex is not spiritual; sex can be just a physical connection that is ok. I want you to learn all the levels. Experiencing sex for the beauty of it is the point!!! The ability to produce trance states of consciousness or what I call


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