Porn Addiction: Coping with Pornography

Porn Addiction: Climbing the Mountain Addiction across the board is extremely difficult and the spectrum of addiction has a great deal of similarities. When breaching the subject of Pornography it is important to share that this subject alone is daunting and overwhelming. I am here to simply share some entry-level awareness exercises around Pornography Addiction that will help bring awareness to the relationship one has not only with sexuality also Pornography. When a client comes in to my office to explore their relationship with Pornography Addiction. The first thing I say is: “What is your experience with mountains?” With a direct follow up question no matter what the response to my ques

You May Say I am a Dreamer...

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” -John Lennon “Working with dreams means remembering and exploring the dreams from sleep with an eye to their deeper meanings. Each one of us is uniquely blind to the deeper meanings of our own dreams, and dream work helps us see what amazing gifts are there, just below the surface of “manifest content” and obvious appearance. It is my assumption that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness and that only the dreamer knows for certain what their dream means. What follows is only a reflection of patterns of recognition that other dreamers have had in exploring similar dreams. Remember, your own “aha!” of recognition is the o

Unlocking Our Potential

The door to the soul is unlocked; you do not need to please the doorkeeper, the door in front of you is yours, intended for you, and the doorkeeper obeys when spoken to.” -Robert Bly I am a firm believer of the non-ordinary states of consciousness, when I refer to this concept I am not just speaking of drug-induced visions or escaping from “reality”. I am talking about finding peace and wholeness of oneself through looking into the deeper visions and potentials we have at our fingertips through vehicles such as meditation, dreams, yoga or our breath. In this post I refer to two ideas, mediation, hypnosis and will add yoga, breathing and dreams in upcoming blogs. What if you found out there w


Confessions Personal blogs are often intense confessionals in the Christian sense. They often address what was done and then seek underlying, hidden reasons that motivated the action. This is particularly evident in sexuality where themes from childhood continue to surface, even to this day. …the confession became one of the West’s most highly valued techniques for producing truth. We have singularly become a confessing society. The confession has spread its effects far and wide. It plays a part in justice, medicine, education, family relationships, and love relationships, in the most ordinary affairs of everyday life, and in the most solemn rites; one confesses ones crimes, one’s sins one’s


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