So You Want to Be a Dom?

So you want to be a Dom, or in the BDSM world Dominant, Sir or Master. The term Dom like any other in the BDSM world is gender neutral. A lot of times women are mistress’s madams or Dom’s as well. In roll play they too can be called Sir. You’ve thought about it, you’ve fantasized about it, and you’ve decided that it’s for you. This can be in the nature of a professional role or even a domestic role with your husband, wife or partner. It’s all well and good; now it’s time to take the theory into practice. There’s a difference between wanting to be a Dom and being a Dom, though, and it pays to be aware that there’s more involved than you might think. It can be eternally learned or most often i

Healing Souls Weekend Sexperiment

It’s not a lack of love that makes a relationship monotonous; it’s a lack of passion. This weekend’s sexperiment will help you put the passion back where it belongs…and take your relationship where it needs to be! My suggestion for this lovely weekend is a 24 hour bed in. Of Course get out to grab food and such!! You will need it! We all know the story of Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s Bed In for peace, their idea was to arise awareness for peace and fight the war. I’d like to offer my own fight against the war on boring relationships. Let’s look at putting aside our weekend responsibilities and reconnect with the passion in bed. The following are great ideas to rekindle the spark in your pass


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